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What does it mean to tandemize?

Tandem founders Alec Reynolds and Mike Pirog share a belief that software should be better: more profitable for businesses, easier for users to access, and more fun for developers to make. Prior to Tandem, Alec and Mike worked for 5 years as co-founders of a digital agency and saw the immense gains made possible by optimizing software development tooling and practices.

At Tandem, they use this experience to help organizations find their ideal toolset and discover better project management methodologies. From planning and staffing all the way to implementing projects, Tandem will show you better ways to create software projects while having fun doing it.

Alec Reynolds

CEO & Senior Developer

Alec is a digital solutions consultant who helps organization get more value from their software projects. His digital agency background gave Alec the opportunity to experience a variety of strategies for managing web application projects and made him an ardent student of lean business development, agile project management, and continuous delivery methodologies.

When he's not collecting new tools and tricks of the trade, you can find him either running or hiking on the trails around the San Francisco East Bay, observing local birdlife, and making the odd batch of sauerkraut.

Mike Pirog

Senior Engineer

Mike is an architect, developer, devops expert and tech DOES ALL THE THINGS with over a decade of experience finding better ways to make and deliver web applications. Unlike many engineers, Mike has the rare ability to recognize business value as the foremost concern in determining the solution to any software problem.

A prolific open source contributor, Mike is the architect behind Kalabox, a Docker-powered tool for local development and continuous integration.

Away from the monitor, Mike is often found deep in conversation arguing the merits of Gilded Age grooming practices and fleshing out his concept for a Russian-language Weezer coverband.

Geoff St. Pierre

Senior Developer

Geoff is a senior developer with over 20 years of programming experience. This gives him perspective on both how things were and how things are and more importantly gives him the foundation to chase the latest and greatest technology.

Geoff is an open source contributor to Backdrop CMS, Backdrop Drush extension, Drupal, Kalabox and others.

Away from the monitor, Geoff can be found playing video games, running, and playing in bands such as The Royal We and the_understatements.

15.3K Github contributions
25 languages coded
60 talks given
3 singer/songwriters

All our magic is made in San Francisco